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Are you looking for online or internet marketing solutions without all technobabble and social-mumbo-jumbo?

I’ve worked with and helped small business owners in Oregon and Texas, to figure out how to put online marketing techniques to work for their businesses. I can help you.

You need an online marketing specialist with a proven track record, to quickly analyze your company, your industry and your competition and put together a simple online marketing plan that covers your internet marketing strategy and offers practical ideas.

These are the three areas I’ll cover in your plan:

Online Marketing Strategy: Your business model, lead generation, list building, ecommerce, marketing funnels and lead-capture strategies. I’ll show you what your competitors are doing and give you options as to what you can do or do better.

Website Analysis: I’ll give you concrete ideas on how you can improve your website so you can get more leads and sales from it. If you don’t have a website, I will help you get started right.

Traffic Generation Tactics: Here’s where it really gets fun. First we’ll look at messaging and content. If you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I’ll tell you what areas of SEO you need to work on. If you need Social Media Marketing, I’ll tell you what approach you should take. If you need Pay per Click, Email marketing or any other kind of online marketing, I’ll give you step-by-step tactical plans that will show you what you need to do and I’ll help you do it.

Don’t worry. It doesn’t end there. I will continue to be available as you have questions. If you need a workable online solution, let’s talk.

Need a marketing professional on staff, but can’t afford it?

You need a Virtual Marketing Director.

If your business needs to expand rapidly, build brand awareness, improve your competitive position, develop an online marketing program, re-fresh your website, develop a lead generation program without increasing your overhead – then a virtual marketing director can help. Now you can have access to experienced market professional at fraction of the cost. Click here for “virtual vs employee” cost comparison snapshot.

For an overview of our Virtual Marketing Director program.
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