Many Hats Marketing

Bold, creative, fun, curious & all about your business

Marketing done right is one of the most exciting, exhilarating experiences. In order for business to continually flourish and grow, sometimes marketing needs a little kick in the shorts.

Many Hats Marketing offers companies a fresh perspective. New ideas. Sharp, targeted messaging. A bright new approach to the way you do business. We zero in on your business needs – identify your customer needs and help you implement that magic mix of marketing that gets you where you want to be.

Mary Browning will dig in and learn what is important to you and to your customers, whether working to enhance your brand identity or increase your market visibility through artistic web design, imaginative electronic marketing campaigns or inspired traditional marketing strategies – she’ll do what it takes to get it done.

About Mary Browning

Small business marketing strategist Mary Browning launched ‘Many Hats Marketing’ in 2010. Browning provides practical solutions to business executives needing sound marketing counsel and implementation to actualize business goals. With demonstrated knowledge and practical experience surrounding market, she has chosen to focus on helping local companies that don’t have or can’t afford senior-level marketing staff.

Many Hats Marketing helps businesses solve their awareness and demand generation across traditional, online and social mediums generating the greatest return on business efforts. MHM provides services including marketing strategy, planning, and tactical execution, virtual staff support and program management, to improve companies’ abilities to make an impact on the markets they serve. As executive level contractor, Browning understands how to effectively plan, develop and communicate with customers and target markets. Browning is dedicated to the success and growth of businesses and passionate about marketing.

Browning’s extensive experience in marketing comes from years of practical experience with consumer, retail, technology, software and manufacturing companies, including substantial experience in start-up’s and rapidly growing companies. Clients comment on her speed in grasping business issues and problems, her ability to provide a wealth of innovative idea’s and expertise to determine the most appropriate. She is creative, personable, approachable, relevant, thoughtful, unpredictable, informative and even funny.

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