10 Ways to tell if your Website Sucks

I found this in a file, I am not sure who the originator is, but I updated it and it seems to apply as much as it did 2009. So check your website against the list.

10. You have a flash animation on the wonderfulness of you that the visitor has to sit through before they can figure out if you’ve got what they want.

9. You haven’t updated your website since 2007 and you must be proud of it since you proudly display the copyright or last updated 2007).

8. Nobody has a clue what your company does [except maybe your brother-in-law who designed the site for $50 and some wine coolers] because all the relevant content is below the fold.

7. There is no contact form or information on anyone in your company. You must not want anyone to contact you.

6. Your navigation is poor or inconsistent or worse is at the bottom of the page or way over in the right hand corner.

5. You have bad elevator music that starts playing automatically. What are you thinking. First of all it scares the begeezous out of people. Then all they want to do is make it stop!

4. You have with all kinds incredible huge graphics and decorative fonts that are pretty … but it doesn’t do anything to support your business goals and make a connection with your visitors.

3. Your site has automatic pop-up windows on the home page with some offer, annoying the heck out of your visitors and distract them why they were actually coming to your site … trust me – they are not gonna come back!

2. You have a blog that is filled with company event news just cut and pasted from a recent press release, no thought leadership, no observations, no value…which leads me to ask why?

And the number one reason why your web site sucks is …

1. Right, you still don’t have one.  Thousands of people are searching for your business or a company like yours every day. If you’re don’t have an online presence, they’ll go somewhere else.

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